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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lupe "Maybe" in N.E.R.D. ?

Lupe fiasco to join N.E.R.D. possibly

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Real Poetry

Equal (spoken word)

I can relate to what is being said. Some of the realest words I heard in a while, and put in such a creative and poetic way. Words of some of my life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baltimore Club Music Claymation!

Baltimore Club Music Clay Animation!

 lol, I love this video for multiple reasons. The music is from Baltimore and the creator of the video gave a shout out to my home town!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Lucky Day (Short Film)

Your Lucky Day

Your Lucky Day from Dan on Vimeo.
A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control.

Wow, an amazing short film with crazy twist of events. A must see. Almost like something you would see in a Pulp Fiction Sequel. Shout out to "Dreams" from "NoPlanB" films for telling me about it. I suggest to let it load and watch in full screen.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Curren$y & Fiend - Flying Iron

Curren$y& Fiend - Flying Iron 

Curren$y ft. Fiend - Flying Iron from Creative Control on Vimeo.

This video is art and inspirational.

Working and Developing

NoPlanB Films Logo in progress courtesy of lifeasdreams.co.nr

     As I always am, I am at work with multiple projects. Just busy working, developing, and building the team. I love what I do and I know you all will too because I put in effort to display that passion for it. So that is just a sample of me working on a logo I did for NoPlanB Films, a developing company out of Florida. You will see a lot of my works all over soon. Expect some good animations and videos soon. Just a quick little update for you all. I don't want to give out too much too soon. You all can see a little bit of the secrets as too how I make magic happen in the picture above. Hope it inspires you to make some of your own magic.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Real Life Paintings

Real Life Painting

Take a very good look at the painting above. Do you notice anything strange or different about it? Just a regular painting right? Wrong!  This is actually not a painting at all! This is actually a photograph of a real person in a room. No special effects or anything here. Don't believe me? Look at the picture below:

This and more were done by an Artist/Photographer by the name of Alexa Meade. Very creative and innovative. This type of artwork is very unique and 1 of a kind. Usually you would see someone paint a portrait or painting of someone in a pose. You may have never seen the reverse however where the person IS the portrait or painting! She actually uses the people as a canvas. Very amazing. Watch the video below to view her in action

What do you all think of this?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Of The Reasons I Blog (CH)

One of the reasons I created my blog...

Charles Hamilton is one of my inspirations for making and taking my blog spot serious. Say or think what you will about him, but he kind of influenced me in the fact that he made having a blog cool. I've always wanted to create a blog but him and I get asked every now and then why I created my blog, what's it about, and what do I plan to do with it. Well I think the above video explains a majority of that answer. Diggy Simmons was also another inspiration for me getting a blog. The way his was designed made me definitely want to make one. If I had to say another major influence, it would probably be the billionaire boy's club blog. Which is ironic because it's not a blog spot blog but the blog always is guaranteed to have interesting articles.

By the way all these blogs you should check out:

http://CharlesHamilton.Blogspot.com - http://TheAmyRose.blogspot.com

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Antique Laptop Design by Steampunk Artist

Antique Laptop 

This is amazing! I have to own a "steam punk" piece of technology. The look is awesome. What do you all think?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diggy - Airborne

Click here to listen!

This mixtape and Big Seans mixtape has to be the must download mixtapes of this year. The whole mixtape is good ofcourse, but my two personal favorite tracks are "Super Hero" and "No Gravity". His track with Colin Munroe( the same one who made the flashing lights remix),"Big Bad World" deserves an honorable mention as well. The mixtape cover is dope as well
  • Lyrics - Check
  • Delivery - Check
  • Instrumentals - Check
  • Features - Check
  • Structure - Check

Compared to his last mixtape, I think it has more replay values. Although his first mixtape had some dope songs that can be considered classics like "Fly Away" and "Point to prove" my two favorite on his first mixtape "First Flight". You should give that mixtape a listen as well if you haven't heard it. Who would of thought Diggy would be a monster? He is killing the game, I support.

What are your thoughts on this mixtape?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11


The Twin Towers

I don't have much to say with this post. Just taking time to remember 9/11. You can share your thoughts or pay tribute in the comment section, or even share a story you may have had of that day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Funny videos

Funny Videos
Michael Jackon Impersonator picked on By Obese Caucasian Man

This first video was wrong in so many ways, but hilarious. The first reason why it's hilarious is because it reminds me of the episode of the show "Martin" which if you don't know what that is, then you have missed out on a huge part of American culture (shaking my head if you don't know what Martin is). Anyways, it reminds me of the episode of Martin where the main character "Martin Pain" played by Martin Lawernce get's into a confrontation with a Michael Jackson impersonator. The only difference between these two incidents is the locations (The Michael Jackson in the Above video is from New York, NY and the one in the below video was in Los Angeles, CA) and Martin's incident was an accident when he bumped into the impersonator.

Here's that video below to compare:

The second reason the first video is hilarious is because it's a real life perfect example of what the Boondocks would classify as a "N*gga Moment". Watch the video below to understand what a "N*gga Moment" is:

N*gga Moment

Further Explained N*gga Moment

So after viewing the two videos of a "N*gga Moment", the episode of Martin, and the original video in discussion, what do you all think about this whole situation? Was it right, wrong, or plain hilarious? Do you think the MJ impersonator should of kept his cool or were the jokes made by the man out of line?

Hilarious comedian

This guy is very talented and does spot on impressions. I can do some impressions to not to brag but LOL, I have to give him his props. I think he does his Jay-Z impression better then me. HAHA!!! What do you all think?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chavz - So Beautiful

Chavz - So Beautiful

Now I usually do not talk about artist who are "unsigned hype", but this was actually so dope that I had to blog about it. I thought you all would appreciate it as well. It's actually a fresh breathe of air from the garbage music i've been hearing. I never expected a good song from an unsigned. Happens every once in a while I suppose. This is definetly something you can vibe too. I found off of WSHH by the way. Here's there version:

Tell me what you all think. I thought it was dope enough to blog about. Should get more notice. If you don't know by now, I am a full supporter of good music, visualization, and art work. Don't care if you're Major or not. Everything was dope about this. Video was on point and the song.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kanye West featuring Justin Bieber And Raekwon - Runaway Love

Kanye West featuring Justin Bieber And Raekwon - Runaway Love

Click here to Download

This is not one of my parodies and can't make this stuff up. You should give it a listen, it's actually pretty dope. Justin Bieber's part reminds me of Michael Jackson. Anyone else feel that vibe on this?

Big Sean - Finally Famous 3

The whole splash of this.........No words. Just download mixtape here and bump for a while:

High Rise is a classic!

Kanye's First Ustream

Kanye's First Ustream

Had to blog about this.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carmelo Anthony Twitter Drama

Carmelo Anthony Twitter Drama


If you may not know who Carmelo Anthony is, then you probably live under a rock. Fellow Baltimore Native and NBA Basketball star Carmelo Anthony was recently involved in some twitter drama. Supposedly, his twitter was hacked. However in the midst of it being hacked there were some threats made. What's makes this interesting is, the threats were made to no other then the infamous Katt Stacks!

Katt Stacks..... Most celebrities are fake. Carmelo Anthony is not one of them lol. You might be pushing your luck with this one. I mean Cash Money was funny. Soulja Boy's exposure was hilarious. He's not going to do anything. However, Carmelo Anthony? Same one from the infamous stop snitching DVD? I'm from Baltimore too lol, so I know you really messed with the right person if you ever wanted trouble.

Good Luck Katt Stacks. You going to need it with the stacks placed on your head lol.

Photo's below:

Photo's Courtesy of TheRunDown.tv

Kat Stacks tweetCarmelo Anthony tweet
LaLa Vazquez tweet

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waka Flocka Parody

Waka Flocka - Hard in The Paint (Parody)

What I like the most about this video is how similar it is to the real one and the end lol. Then yelling random colors out. Females looked good in this video. Like above average good. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! For those of you who haven't seen the original video, you can check it out below and compare:

Waka Flocka - Hard in the Paint (Original)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katt Stacks Exposes Another Rapper

Soulja Boy exposed by Katt Stacks.

Now I know that I kind of made a vow not to make any dumb blog post. However, I know this will get a lot of attention and people crave stupid stuff like this so it seems. So here it is. Katt Stacks yet again exposing another Rap.......Well what ever Soulja Boy is or does. Does it qualify as music? Anyways... to me this isn't nothing new or shocking. This isn't nothing that I already didn't know or could of assumed about Soulja Toy Tell Em'. I was sure he was a coke head since "Crank Dat" came out. I'm not even that shocked actually. Someone probably laced his weed with coke and he developed a new habit. It's obvious he would have to be on some type of substance to engage in any physical behavior with Katt Stacks. That and the fact he repetitively makes noise that have made a once formidable Genre appear like a big Joke.

Next we will hear how he does things to ColliPark on his knees for studio time and to keep his material possessions. Maybe Soulja Boy is a Katt Stacks him self, metaphorically speaking. So I guess he can relate to her.

What do you all think?
Pretty Boy Swag Parody (Pretty Slave Swag)

This video was created by me (@AnimaterCreator) and featured as a World Star Hip Hop Cartoon Parody of The Week! It is one of the many more accomplishments to come from me. I will definitely be making more videos like this in the future. This post is one I've been meaning to post for a while becasue it was request so many times! Finally i'm post courtesy of a fellow Animator and friend Marsha2l a.k.a. @MaKaKri! Be sure to check his website and animations out too at www.Makakri.com! He is a very good animator as well.

Here is the Vimeo version of the video for better qaulity. You can still find it on youtube but it has been removed from my channel:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seabreacher X

Seabreacher X water Vehicle

Seabreacher X
Seabreacher X

I have a confession. This is not an original blog post. I actually found this on the BBC icecream blog, but it was sooooo good that I had to re-post here. All I can say is I WANT ONE!!!! Alright so now my vehicle wish list is a Bugatti Veyron, Spaceship, Private Jet, Submarine, and a Seabreacher. Check!

Check out the videos though:

Charles Hamilton 27 minute freestyle!

Charles Hamilton 27 Off the top freestyle fresh from the Insane Asylum!

Charles Hamilton 27 Minute XXL Freestyle from XXL Video on Vimeo.

I wonder how many of you were too distracted by his fingernail polish to pay attention to the freestyle?

This is why i love Charles Hamilton (no homo). He is a musical genius and I think to prove his point he checked himself into a Mental Institution. I mean how many iconic geniuses have been known to have normal habits? Even John Nash (look him up) was classified as having schizophrenia(s), and most people will never reach his level of knowledge or wisdom. I've been meaning to do a blog post on Charles Hamilton for sometime now and I think this would be a perfect topic to blog about. Now for those of you who do not know who Charles Hamilton is by now, he is either to young for your old developed taste or you have been missing out on good music. However most people do not get to see the talented side of Charles Hamilton because he is like a big pink book with spiked chains and thorns on it that no one is willing to open. His image doesn't appeal to most people with his favorite color being pink, believing in sonic philosophy, believing God is a woman and getting punched in the face by a female to top it all off. However, Charles Hamilton is deeper then what some may label as a "hipster eccentric" shell. His talent can't be denied and at least he is real, which is more then what I can say for most artist portraying something or someone that there not.

By the way, here is that infamous footage:

None the less, whens the last time you've seen any artist freestyle for over 27 minutes? I don't even see too many artist spit pre-writtens for 27 minutes. So for him to even be able to come up with almost half an hours material is insane. Thus, that might partially explain him checking into the mental institution.

For all of you who did not know, he did recently check himself into the mental institution . His reason being was because of "The music industry". Which almost kind of brings an irony to the phrase "the industry made me do it". So I guess fame and fortune can do that a person. I suppose being under a constant spot light can be a lot of pressure. Some people crack under pressure while others use crack. So I can see how he would want to take a break from all that and get his mind together. After all, that is what a Mental Hospital is supposed be there for.

You can read the interview of him checking himself in on Bossip.com at this link here:


I digress though. My personal opinion of Charles Hamilton is, while I may not agree with his whole style, everything he may do, him wearing pink or his "feminine" habits, I appreciate him for being real and making the music he does. I love his music personally, and he actually does makes music you can relate too or at least sounds good and is creative. He's not a complete loony even though he may come off as that sometimes. He's just in his own world. Besides comparing him to music artist of today's generation, he kind of destroys majority of them in my personal opinion.

I am curious to hear other people's opinion on him as well. So what do you all think of Charles Hamilton and his 27 minute freestyle?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kanye West Power Portrait

Kanye West Power

So Kanye West's new Music video for the song Power he claims is not a "Music Video", but a moving portrait which is supposedly what this music video is supposed to be based off of. Definitely a good quality video or moving painting either way. I think the Illuminati will have a field day with this.

Believe it or not, the above image is not the portrait in question but just a scene taking from the video for promo usage. You can click the link below to view the actual portrait, which comes with it's own theme music over course:

Kanye West Power

So what make's this video so interesting is, every scene or frame in the video is supposed to be like an image or something you would see in a painting. I won't get into the symbolism too heavy, however you will notice somethings that will make you raise an eyebrow like horns, wings, and Egyptian things. I love the creative nature of the video though. I've always dreamed of doing a project like this.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye West Has A Twitter

Kanye West Has a Twitter, or should I say @KanyeWest

No I didn't photoshop this. This is Kanye's Actual Twitter Page. Doesn't sound shocking to people who have not used twitter or are not fans, but he did not have a twitter account but now it's official. Not like the fake page I've been following since I got my twitter and laughing at below:

Fake, excuse me I still use the word "fake". I mean "Fugazi" Kanye's twitter who I have been following here: @Kanye

I guess, not 1 man should have all that power.

White baby born to black parents (not albino)

Black parents have white baby

I think next on the list we will have chicken's giving birth to reptiles and birds having baby fish.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Animation Competition

So I was on skype and a friend emailed this video about an animation competition. He kind of begged me to make a video for it, so I went to check it out. It's actually a pretty cool idea for a contest.

Here were some of my personal favorites:

And of course my entry:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diggy Simmons interviewing Pharrell


This video is my life. He speaks the truth.

"Nothing is a perception." - Pharrell Williams.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eli Porter is Back!

The Legend of Eli Porter


Alot of you may be wondering who exactly is this Eli porter and why am I making a blog on him. Alot of you may already know who Eli Porter is and recognize him from the infamous freestyle battle that made him famous. Almost to the point of being mythical or fictional made up character. However, for those of you who would like to know why he is "important", watch this video below:

The video above that you may have already seen or just saw now is what made Eli Porter a popular house hold name and butt of many jokes. That video was remixed over a countless amount of times and has caused alot of controversy from the good, to the bad, to down right hilarious! It was because of this video that you may have seen images like the ones below:

Eli porter has also made signature catch phrases such as:
  • "See I'm the best maynne, I deed it"
  • "Look at these dentals mayne, with the dent on the grill"
  • "This dude like that he ran from the cat"
  • "like Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower"
  • "My rhymes, they straight up clevah"
and widely considered his Magnum Opus:
  • "You need to stay in the shade no wonder why you came out you were already in the gay parade"
People have even created shirts, hats, and other memorabilia all stemming from that one video clip above. So the question you may be wondering is, why am I blogging about this still and what does this have to do with me? Well, I am about to answer that.

The answer is, I actually spoken to Eli porter via facebook and then skype personally! How I was able to get in contact with him you may be wondering? Well I happened to be watching the same infamous video clip above and wondered where did this guy go? Has he seen the video clip? Than all of a sudden, some crazed fan actually found out that he had a facebook and decided to provide me with the link. Now ofcourse I didn't believe it was him at first. I mean who would? Who would believe that a guy that was very popular from a video clip back in 2005?-2007? and caused in uproar on the internet, then suddenly never heard from again would be on a social networking site such as facebook? Who would believe they would be that easy to contact, and how could I believe it was him if there were no videos or anything posting any information about him afterward on the internet.

Thus my journey began! I decided to add this supposed "real Eli Porter" on facebook. I had my doubts ofcourse seeing as though there was actually a band that named themselves Eli Porter and used the name to market there work. So ofcourse that's what I thought this was. Another gimic or marketing ploy. However, when I went to the page, there was a new image of ELI Porter. One that I had not seen anywhere else on the internet. So I thought to myself, "Could this really be him? Where would people find a picture of him at?". I still had my doubts ofcourse. I even found it more funny, because people were saying he was dropping an actual mixtape. Which was hilarious in my head, because we all have that image of Eli Porter in the video being a "mentally challenged emcee".

So a few days pass by and I decided to send him a message, and ask if this was the real Eli porter myself. Then I get a response same day saying yes. He also said that he was dropping a mixtape. From that point on I was getting ready to delete this profile from my friends, because I had doubts of it being the real Eli Porter. This couldn't be the same Eli Porter from the video releasing a rap mixtape. Sounded almost like a joke. Because infact, it was a joke made that Eli Porter had dropped a mixtape called "The Elicist" featured below;

The person who invented this mixtape joke even made it as an available download and had
a full track list including features from lil wayne;

01 Imma Have to Give It To Mah Boi (Intro) f. J-Dub
02 The Infamous Iron Mic Freestyle
03 Deed It
04 Best Man
05 Cat On The Grill
06 Funk Mix
07 Soul Mix
08 Dirty Mix
09 Jungle Mix
10 Over 9000 f. Nappa & Vegeta
11 Eli Responds To Controversy (Marv-O, J-Dub & A-14 Diss)
12 Eli Spits Fire (Freestyle)
13 Da Best Mayne (So Hood Remix)
14 See I’m The Best
15 I Keep It For Real f. Lil Wayne
16 Eli Is Possessed (The Elicist)
17 Still The Best (Outro)

Still don't believe me? It's on Here's the link on 2dopeboyz.com ;

So immediately I took it as a joke and didn't respond. Than a few days later I had him on my friends still and realized he was online. I could finally instant message him and find out the truth to this whole charade. So that's what I did. Long story short, we talked and he sounded like he was telling the truth. The conversation actually led up to him asking me to get on skype so that I could see it was really him and hear him speak. So I logged on my Skype Name: AnimaterCreator, if you all don't have me added. Than I waited for him to log on. He called my skype and I answered the call. Little to my surprise it was him in the flesh on camera talking. All I could say was wow. I couldn't believe it. I was holding back laughter and shock at the same time. So many questions popped up into my head. Like was he recognized after the video on the street? How has the video changed his life? Did you hate it? Too many to think of at once.

Well anyways, long story short. The video call finally ended, and my funny bone broke (yes a South Park Cartman reference). He told me he was supposed to becoming out with a mixtape and interview answering all the questions I asked and more. Just recently he made a video and posted on his brand new youtube channel. So here it is exclusive:

As Featured on WSHH:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gorillaz: Journey to Plastic Beach

This film's animation was done so good I just had to blog about it. Ofcourse I am a fan of animation, before I create it. How else could I make my art work if I was not inspired? The amount of detail done in each scene and the mixture of 2D, 3D, and reality are amazing. I've always been a fan of Gorillaz Inc. and they always produce amazing work. It astounds me sometimes, and makes me wonder how they are able to do it. How many animators, artist, editors, and planners worked on this project?

Than of course all of the big names attached to it. I wonder who came up with the concept? How much was the budget? It's a blessing to see work like this created either way. However, I ask all of these questions, because I would like to create work like this myself. I think that would be dope. Who knows? You may see something like this in the future from me. Nothing's out of reach.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't say anything....

Don't say anything

The Disclaimer

I entitled this post don't say anything, as to dedicate it to all of the people who ignore you or throw you aside when they have the ability to respond and talk to you. I know for a fact that if I was Will Smith and I tried to get in contact with you, I would hear a response. I would be your #1 priority, even though I wouldn't give you a dime. I hate when people just blatantly ignore you. Alright..... There are some exceptions to this rule. Like for instance; if the person is really annoying or harassing you. You can attempt to ignore them as a solution. Some people get a rise off your reactions and emotions. However, if you're not busy and you have all your body part's, and they all function properly. All of your senses work, (maybe even the sixth one that allows you to see dead people) and you see a message from me. Give me some type of feedback. Don't just ignore it. Let me know you see it.

Because I know, if I suddenly became very famous or financially wealthy, that I wouldn't even have to come to you. "You" being the same person who would ignore me previous to me attaining any form of wealth or power, would come to me! So continue to be the same Mute, that you were before I did anything "noticeable" to catch your attention. Because when I get into a position of wealth of power, I don't want to hear people say "You got a big head", "Sold out", or "Went hollywood on us". Because I'm going to be like "Who? You? You are? Oh.... wait! I think I recognize you".

Aren't you the same person who couldn't do me a favor?
Aren't you the same person who couldn't say hey what's up?
Aren't you the same person who ignored me?

Yeah........You ain't such a Mute now are you? You have the capability of forming sentences and communicating now huh? Oh you fancy now huh? Did a Miracle happen? Did you come out of some kind of comma and have the ability to think and process thoughts?

Some people wouldn't even give you the time of day with a diss. I almost would accept a person saying something bad about me, over a straight ignore. At least they recognize that you exist and are doing something. Versus a person who doesn't take you serious until you are in the spotlight, then they are all on your sack. Maybe even in the literal sense. I will let you use your imagination as to what that sack is.

And what better way to end this blog with the infamous back then video. Back When Mike Jones was hot smh. Good song none the less, and I know most of everyone still remembers his number verbatim till this day:

On a side note. I understand I am not Will Smith.... I may not be the President of The United States just yet, or a famous TV star, actor, or multi-billionaire. None the less, people should be able to recognize talent and give people the chance to prove themselves. I don't consider myself an ordinary person. So I don't expected to be treated like one necessarily. If I take the time to recognize you, do the same. I don't need your help. I can do it myself lmao.

Seriously though, I'm don't usually come to people in need and to rely on them. However, even if I do. Just don't ignore me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Animation Blog

AnimaterCreator's Blog Spot! OH MY GOD!!! OR Science for non believers

Welcome to my blog spot! At my blog, you will find things that I found interesting or relates to the subject of animation, visualization, and bringing things to life. You will also find some cool things I made such as animations (of course), artwork, music, audio, writings, sketches and much more (maybe). I will at least make an attempt to give you some cool things that you can add to your computer desktop, or that will give you a laugh, or some inspiration. The purpose of this blog is to entertain, inform, and bring comfort if possible through artwork and creativity. I would like to give you a glimpse behind the "guy who makes those animations" as well as meanings behind the things I do.

If you would like to support me, you can do so by keeping up with my blogs, post, and videos at my various websites (Twitter, myspace, blogspot, and Youtube!) . Most importantly, Subscribe to my Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/AnimaterCreator if you already are not. Comment the videos. Rate them positively, and leave your honest feedback in the comment section. I really appreciate criticism. It can help me to become better at what I do. However, I do not appreciate the hate lol. Although sometimes it's funny. However, keep that to yourself. Think of my spots and spaces as churches or sanctuaries. Positive energy and thoughts only please. Of course, like a wise person once said;

"if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all." - random anonymous wise person.

I really want you all to become fans and support the movement. I really love doing what I do and putting in the work and time even to create my works of Art. So the more people I get like you, that just take a couple minutes or even hours out of there busy or not so busy life just to read and view what I do, I appreciate. I like to make things short for people to read, but also get my point across. So excuse me if you think this post is very long and you're skimming through it.

In short. Follow me, add me, comment me, and support my sponsors if any. They help fund my projects! If you want to help me, talk business, or anything personal then email me at AnimaterCreator[AT]hotmail.com

~ From the visionary: