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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charles Hamilton 27 minute freestyle!

Charles Hamilton 27 Off the top freestyle fresh from the Insane Asylum!

Charles Hamilton 27 Minute XXL Freestyle from XXL Video on Vimeo.

I wonder how many of you were too distracted by his fingernail polish to pay attention to the freestyle?

This is why i love Charles Hamilton (no homo). He is a musical genius and I think to prove his point he checked himself into a Mental Institution. I mean how many iconic geniuses have been known to have normal habits? Even John Nash (look him up) was classified as having schizophrenia(s), and most people will never reach his level of knowledge or wisdom. I've been meaning to do a blog post on Charles Hamilton for sometime now and I think this would be a perfect topic to blog about. Now for those of you who do not know who Charles Hamilton is by now, he is either to young for your old developed taste or you have been missing out on good music. However most people do not get to see the talented side of Charles Hamilton because he is like a big pink book with spiked chains and thorns on it that no one is willing to open. His image doesn't appeal to most people with his favorite color being pink, believing in sonic philosophy, believing God is a woman and getting punched in the face by a female to top it all off. However, Charles Hamilton is deeper then what some may label as a "hipster eccentric" shell. His talent can't be denied and at least he is real, which is more then what I can say for most artist portraying something or someone that there not.

By the way, here is that infamous footage:

None the less, whens the last time you've seen any artist freestyle for over 27 minutes? I don't even see too many artist spit pre-writtens for 27 minutes. So for him to even be able to come up with almost half an hours material is insane. Thus, that might partially explain him checking into the mental institution.

For all of you who did not know, he did recently check himself into the mental institution . His reason being was because of "The music industry". Which almost kind of brings an irony to the phrase "the industry made me do it". So I guess fame and fortune can do that a person. I suppose being under a constant spot light can be a lot of pressure. Some people crack under pressure while others use crack. So I can see how he would want to take a break from all that and get his mind together. After all, that is what a Mental Hospital is supposed be there for.

You can read the interview of him checking himself in on Bossip.com at this link here:


I digress though. My personal opinion of Charles Hamilton is, while I may not agree with his whole style, everything he may do, him wearing pink or his "feminine" habits, I appreciate him for being real and making the music he does. I love his music personally, and he actually does makes music you can relate too or at least sounds good and is creative. He's not a complete loony even though he may come off as that sometimes. He's just in his own world. Besides comparing him to music artist of today's generation, he kind of destroys majority of them in my personal opinion.

I am curious to hear other people's opinion on him as well. So what do you all think of Charles Hamilton and his 27 minute freestyle?