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Friday, September 3, 2010

Chavz - So Beautiful

Chavz - So Beautiful

Now I usually do not talk about artist who are "unsigned hype", but this was actually so dope that I had to blog about it. I thought you all would appreciate it as well. It's actually a fresh breathe of air from the garbage music i've been hearing. I never expected a good song from an unsigned. Happens every once in a while I suppose. This is definetly something you can vibe too. I found off of WSHH by the way. Here's there version:

Tell me what you all think. I thought it was dope enough to blog about. Should get more notice. If you don't know by now, I am a full supporter of good music, visualization, and art work. Don't care if you're Major or not. Everything was dope about this. Video was on point and the song.


  1. dope blog, could you follow me
    will follow 100% bk thx

  2. hey i followed. and yea that design is pretty much the bape logo but i was just messing around. im not gonna try to bring it out. and my real designs are gonna be posted in early oct. so be on the lookout for that