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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't say anything....

Don't say anything

The Disclaimer

I entitled this post don't say anything, as to dedicate it to all of the people who ignore you or throw you aside when they have the ability to respond and talk to you. I know for a fact that if I was Will Smith and I tried to get in contact with you, I would hear a response. I would be your #1 priority, even though I wouldn't give you a dime. I hate when people just blatantly ignore you. Alright..... There are some exceptions to this rule. Like for instance; if the person is really annoying or harassing you. You can attempt to ignore them as a solution. Some people get a rise off your reactions and emotions. However, if you're not busy and you have all your body part's, and they all function properly. All of your senses work, (maybe even the sixth one that allows you to see dead people) and you see a message from me. Give me some type of feedback. Don't just ignore it. Let me know you see it.

Because I know, if I suddenly became very famous or financially wealthy, that I wouldn't even have to come to you. "You" being the same person who would ignore me previous to me attaining any form of wealth or power, would come to me! So continue to be the same Mute, that you were before I did anything "noticeable" to catch your attention. Because when I get into a position of wealth of power, I don't want to hear people say "You got a big head", "Sold out", or "Went hollywood on us". Because I'm going to be like "Who? You? You are? Oh.... wait! I think I recognize you".

Aren't you the same person who couldn't do me a favor?
Aren't you the same person who couldn't say hey what's up?
Aren't you the same person who ignored me?

Yeah........You ain't such a Mute now are you? You have the capability of forming sentences and communicating now huh? Oh you fancy now huh? Did a Miracle happen? Did you come out of some kind of comma and have the ability to think and process thoughts?

Some people wouldn't even give you the time of day with a diss. I almost would accept a person saying something bad about me, over a straight ignore. At least they recognize that you exist and are doing something. Versus a person who doesn't take you serious until you are in the spotlight, then they are all on your sack. Maybe even in the literal sense. I will let you use your imagination as to what that sack is.

And what better way to end this blog with the infamous back then video. Back When Mike Jones was hot smh. Good song none the less, and I know most of everyone still remembers his number verbatim till this day:

On a side note. I understand I am not Will Smith.... I may not be the President of The United States just yet, or a famous TV star, actor, or multi-billionaire. None the less, people should be able to recognize talent and give people the chance to prove themselves. I don't consider myself an ordinary person. So I don't expected to be treated like one necessarily. If I take the time to recognize you, do the same. I don't need your help. I can do it myself lmao.

Seriously though, I'm don't usually come to people in need and to rely on them. However, even if I do. Just don't ignore me.

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