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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye West Has A Twitter

Kanye West Has a Twitter, or should I say @KanyeWest

No I didn't photoshop this. This is Kanye's Actual Twitter Page. Doesn't sound shocking to people who have not used twitter or are not fans, but he did not have a twitter account but now it's official. Not like the fake page I've been following since I got my twitter and laughing at below:

Fake, excuse me I still use the word "fake". I mean "Fugazi" Kanye's twitter who I have been following here: @Kanye

I guess, not 1 man should have all that power.

White baby born to black parents (not albino)

Black parents have white baby

I think next on the list we will have chicken's giving birth to reptiles and birds having baby fish.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Animation Competition

So I was on skype and a friend emailed this video about an animation competition. He kind of begged me to make a video for it, so I went to check it out. It's actually a pretty cool idea for a contest.

Here were some of my personal favorites:

And of course my entry:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diggy Simmons interviewing Pharrell


This video is my life. He speaks the truth.

"Nothing is a perception." - Pharrell Williams.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eli Porter is Back!

The Legend of Eli Porter


Alot of you may be wondering who exactly is this Eli porter and why am I making a blog on him. Alot of you may already know who Eli Porter is and recognize him from the infamous freestyle battle that made him famous. Almost to the point of being mythical or fictional made up character. However, for those of you who would like to know why he is "important", watch this video below:

The video above that you may have already seen or just saw now is what made Eli Porter a popular house hold name and butt of many jokes. That video was remixed over a countless amount of times and has caused alot of controversy from the good, to the bad, to down right hilarious! It was because of this video that you may have seen images like the ones below:

Eli porter has also made signature catch phrases such as:
  • "See I'm the best maynne, I deed it"
  • "Look at these dentals mayne, with the dent on the grill"
  • "This dude like that he ran from the cat"
  • "like Rosie O'Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower"
  • "My rhymes, they straight up clevah"
and widely considered his Magnum Opus:
  • "You need to stay in the shade no wonder why you came out you were already in the gay parade"
People have even created shirts, hats, and other memorabilia all stemming from that one video clip above. So the question you may be wondering is, why am I blogging about this still and what does this have to do with me? Well, I am about to answer that.

The answer is, I actually spoken to Eli porter via facebook and then skype personally! How I was able to get in contact with him you may be wondering? Well I happened to be watching the same infamous video clip above and wondered where did this guy go? Has he seen the video clip? Than all of a sudden, some crazed fan actually found out that he had a facebook and decided to provide me with the link. Now ofcourse I didn't believe it was him at first. I mean who would? Who would believe that a guy that was very popular from a video clip back in 2005?-2007? and caused in uproar on the internet, then suddenly never heard from again would be on a social networking site such as facebook? Who would believe they would be that easy to contact, and how could I believe it was him if there were no videos or anything posting any information about him afterward on the internet.

Thus my journey began! I decided to add this supposed "real Eli Porter" on facebook. I had my doubts ofcourse seeing as though there was actually a band that named themselves Eli Porter and used the name to market there work. So ofcourse that's what I thought this was. Another gimic or marketing ploy. However, when I went to the page, there was a new image of ELI Porter. One that I had not seen anywhere else on the internet. So I thought to myself, "Could this really be him? Where would people find a picture of him at?". I still had my doubts ofcourse. I even found it more funny, because people were saying he was dropping an actual mixtape. Which was hilarious in my head, because we all have that image of Eli Porter in the video being a "mentally challenged emcee".

So a few days pass by and I decided to send him a message, and ask if this was the real Eli porter myself. Then I get a response same day saying yes. He also said that he was dropping a mixtape. From that point on I was getting ready to delete this profile from my friends, because I had doubts of it being the real Eli Porter. This couldn't be the same Eli Porter from the video releasing a rap mixtape. Sounded almost like a joke. Because infact, it was a joke made that Eli Porter had dropped a mixtape called "The Elicist" featured below;

The person who invented this mixtape joke even made it as an available download and had
a full track list including features from lil wayne;

01 Imma Have to Give It To Mah Boi (Intro) f. J-Dub
02 The Infamous Iron Mic Freestyle
03 Deed It
04 Best Man
05 Cat On The Grill
06 Funk Mix
07 Soul Mix
08 Dirty Mix
09 Jungle Mix
10 Over 9000 f. Nappa & Vegeta
11 Eli Responds To Controversy (Marv-O, J-Dub & A-14 Diss)
12 Eli Spits Fire (Freestyle)
13 Da Best Mayne (So Hood Remix)
14 See I’m The Best
15 I Keep It For Real f. Lil Wayne
16 Eli Is Possessed (The Elicist)
17 Still The Best (Outro)

Still don't believe me? It's on Here's the link on 2dopeboyz.com ;

So immediately I took it as a joke and didn't respond. Than a few days later I had him on my friends still and realized he was online. I could finally instant message him and find out the truth to this whole charade. So that's what I did. Long story short, we talked and he sounded like he was telling the truth. The conversation actually led up to him asking me to get on skype so that I could see it was really him and hear him speak. So I logged on my Skype Name: AnimaterCreator, if you all don't have me added. Than I waited for him to log on. He called my skype and I answered the call. Little to my surprise it was him in the flesh on camera talking. All I could say was wow. I couldn't believe it. I was holding back laughter and shock at the same time. So many questions popped up into my head. Like was he recognized after the video on the street? How has the video changed his life? Did you hate it? Too many to think of at once.

Well anyways, long story short. The video call finally ended, and my funny bone broke (yes a South Park Cartman reference). He told me he was supposed to becoming out with a mixtape and interview answering all the questions I asked and more. Just recently he made a video and posted on his brand new youtube channel. So here it is exclusive:

As Featured on WSHH: