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Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Of The Reasons I Blog (CH)

One of the reasons I created my blog...

Charles Hamilton is one of my inspirations for making and taking my blog spot serious. Say or think what you will about him, but he kind of influenced me in the fact that he made having a blog cool. I've always wanted to create a blog but him and I get asked every now and then why I created my blog, what's it about, and what do I plan to do with it. Well I think the above video explains a majority of that answer. Diggy Simmons was also another inspiration for me getting a blog. The way his was designed made me definitely want to make one. If I had to say another major influence, it would probably be the billionaire boy's club blog. Which is ironic because it's not a blog spot blog but the blog always is guaranteed to have interesting articles.

By the way all these blogs you should check out:

http://CharlesHamilton.Blogspot.com - http://TheAmyRose.blogspot.com

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