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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diggy - Airborne

Click here to listen!

This mixtape and Big Seans mixtape has to be the must download mixtapes of this year. The whole mixtape is good ofcourse, but my two personal favorite tracks are "Super Hero" and "No Gravity". His track with Colin Munroe( the same one who made the flashing lights remix),"Big Bad World" deserves an honorable mention as well. The mixtape cover is dope as well
  • Lyrics - Check
  • Delivery - Check
  • Instrumentals - Check
  • Features - Check
  • Structure - Check

Compared to his last mixtape, I think it has more replay values. Although his first mixtape had some dope songs that can be considered classics like "Fly Away" and "Point to prove" my two favorite on his first mixtape "First Flight". You should give that mixtape a listen as well if you haven't heard it. Who would of thought Diggy would be a monster? He is killing the game, I support.

What are your thoughts on this mixtape?

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