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I may be nothing compared to the Objective Universe, but everything revolves around me in my Subjective Universe.

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Artwork by myself ~AnimaterCreator
If you like let me know! I appreicate
The feedback and comments.

I will be posting my artwork at http://www.AnimaterCreator.DeviantArt.com really soon. So keep checking back and requesting!!!

Justin Bieber Head Only - Sketch
Artwork from an upcoming sketch

Darth Vader and The Death Star - Sketch
Artwork you probally would have never seen.

Based Pope - By popular demand

BasedPope from Pretty Boy Swag Parody featured on WorldStarHipHop.com

Chris Brown - Apology

From a sketch that never made it, but was about Chris Brown's Apology.

1 comment:

  1. This Justin Bieber sketch was really good ! : D

    -from @BieberLost ( Twitter) <3