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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katt Stacks Exposes Another Rapper

Soulja Boy exposed by Katt Stacks.

Now I know that I kind of made a vow not to make any dumb blog post. However, I know this will get a lot of attention and people crave stupid stuff like this so it seems. So here it is. Katt Stacks yet again exposing another Rap.......Well what ever Soulja Boy is or does. Does it qualify as music? Anyways... to me this isn't nothing new or shocking. This isn't nothing that I already didn't know or could of assumed about Soulja Toy Tell Em'. I was sure he was a coke head since "Crank Dat" came out. I'm not even that shocked actually. Someone probably laced his weed with coke and he developed a new habit. It's obvious he would have to be on some type of substance to engage in any physical behavior with Katt Stacks. That and the fact he repetitively makes noise that have made a once formidable Genre appear like a big Joke.

Next we will hear how he does things to ColliPark on his knees for studio time and to keep his material possessions. Maybe Soulja Boy is a Katt Stacks him self, metaphorically speaking. So I guess he can relate to her.

What do you all think?

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