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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tupac's Back as a hologram.

Tupac's Back and at Coachella

     Tupac's Back and at Coachella 2012 as a hologram as he performed with Snoop Dogg. Check Out the video here in case you missed it! This will go down in the History books as a classic event!:

     When I first watched saw this and how Tupac appeared, the detail was so stunning that I thought it was a real person doing an impression of Tupac, then as time went on the impression was too close for comfort and in my head I said "This is Tupac!", but never did I think it was actually a hologram the whole time! Amazing! Imagined if they did this with people like Aaliyah or Michael Jackson. It would be niced to see loved ones brought back with holograms.

Hail Mary:

Old Tupac Performance:

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